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Mr. Zulfiqar A Kazmi
President Pakistan Chapter Universal Peace Federation Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, USA

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After having given thought to the problems of the oppressed, backward and downtrodden groups particularly the repressed minorities all over the world for 30 years. I had come to the conclusion that no collective help could be rendered to this class until it was united at one platform. Thus thirty years back I conceived the World Minorities. I ceaselessly struggled for years to turn this dream into a reality. People of Pakistan and countless persons abroad are aware of my self-less and sincere struggle spread over quarter of a century. I have always raised voice for observance of human rights and safeguarding security of minorities all over the world. I have supported all movements around the globe for freedom and justice through my innovative protests. I have been five times elected member of legislatures to represent the minorities. I had been appointed as a federal minister for population welfare, government of Pakistan. I was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Pakistan. These distinctions further inspired me to vigorously pursue my mission.
Now I do feel that concrete cooperation of those sharing my mission may be enlisted and the World Minorities Alliance may be reorganized. Membership of the World Minorities Alliance has been thrown open. Members will be registered and they would be offered offices and assigned responsibilities to advance the cause of peace and human rights.

The establishment of the World Minorities Alliance is an essential need of the minorities of the globe. Minorities are spread over in billions all over the world. They confront numerous difficulties and hardships. In every country one community is in majority while others are in minority. For example Christians are in majority in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada while those of different faith are in minority. They have their own respective problems. If people of one faith are in majority in one country, their co-religionists would be in minorities in many countries. The need is being felt for a platform which struggles for the well being of all minorities of the world with the same vigour without discrimination.
The World Minorities Alliance would be a single such platform that gives thought to the problems of all minorities and seeks their solution. It aims at projecting the issues irritating the minorities in the very same country they lived in. Every individual living anywhere in the world can become a member of the World Minorities Alliance. He needs not belong to minority group in his own country. Naturally members of his community would be living in minority in many other countries. His active role in the World Minorities Alliance will help safeguard rights of his community living in minority elsewhere.
There had been common platforms for discussion of problems faced by professionals all over the world or to debate issues confronting segments of the society like child, women, labor etc. Why not there be a common world forum for minorities? Because of non-organization of the minorities, major issues confronted by then had gone by default.


1. To get a special seat reserved in the United Nations to represent the minorities all over the world.
2. To launch a journal the Minorities International Times to watch the rights of the minorities all the over the world and highlight their legitimate privileges.
3. To set up World Minority Uplift Bank to help improve economic condition of minorities in the poor countries.
4. To float Minority Education Peace Force to create awareness through media about oppression to which minorities may be subjected to in certain countries.
5. Minority, Majority Peace University may be established to disseminate learning about respective rights of majority and minority communities through international syllabi. The university would award Ph.D degreed to qualifying scholars and send them as champions of peace to help end hatred among the majority and minorities through education and moral character building.

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