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Mr. Zulfiqar A Kazmi
President Pakistan Chapter Universal Peace Federation Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, USA

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The growth of healthy relationship between majority community and the minorities should be formally taught in educational institutions and form part of syllabi. This may appear a novel idea on face of it. But with passage of time it may pave the road to revolution. The revolution for love, amity, affection and eternal peace and make this planet more worth living.




The world is in turmoil. There is restlessness everywhere. Every human soul is disturbed. Each one is in search of peace and tranquility. The calm looks illusory. September 11 episodes in the United States and American aftermath has brought the world to brink of Third World War. Conflict of civilizations, clash of religions is being talked about. The talk may be in subdued tone. The fear is there. Sweeping things under carpet will not turn reality into naught. Those who are in pain cannot be straightway wished away. Pain has to be cured. The patient has to be treated, satisfied to make him behave normally. Peace without administering justice and equitable treatment to those who are ill at ease may be a wishful notion.




The religious minorities are generally oppressed, backward and downtrodden in most of the countries. Their economic, social and political uplift is the only answer to the current upheaval. No collective help can be rendered to this class until it is united at one platform on self service basis.



The voice of minorities is solemn and sincere. Their untoward conditions do inculcate in them do-it spirit. Thus they can play a positive and effective role in ushering in an era of peace. The minorities are important segments of society. Their all told population around the globe is sizeable yet the reliable census is not available. They are a force to reckon with. They may be a ninth wonder of the world. Their cultures, their ways of worship and places of worship need to be respected and protected. Indeed the level of prosperity, well-being and sense of self-satisfaction of the minorities in a society is the litmus test of accomplishments of that polity.


Norms & Eligibility of Participants:


The world minorities alliance proposes to hold a three day World Minorities Peace Conference shortly in Islamabad (Pakistan). The World Minorities Alliance expects five genuine representatives of religious minorities from each country to take part in the conference. The basic norm of the World Minorities Alliance is world peace based on justice and equity for all. Thus the criterion for the delegates has been laid as follows:

(a). The prospective participant should be a loyal citizen of his/her state.

(b). The prospective participant should have the reputation of honoring the national ethos.

(c). The prospective participant should command respect in the society he/she lives on the basis of his/her behavior.

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