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Mr. Zulfiqar A Kazmi
President Pakistan Chapter Universal Peace Federation Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, USA

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Since all of us love Peace, let us join hands to ensure and secure it. The first step we have in mind is an International Christian-Muslim Minority Conference at Islamabad in 2006. We would be thankful to receive your message on peace and amity between majority and minority communities all over the world for the proposed Conference. We will give your message with your photograph (passport size) at our website: It will show your interest that you want peace and solidarity among religions in the current situation of many extreme incidents, like the recent publication of blasphemous cartoons in Danish newspapers. We need your comments and request support and participation to make the Conference successful. A delegation will be chosen by consensus during the Conference, which will call on the UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, to present a Memorandum, including the messages of peace-lovers like you. Your messages will also be available at our website. We will seek a Minority Seat in the UN to protect the world minority by this means. We seek and look forward to your message, at your earliest possible, which will be gratefully appreciated. Kindly also oblige us with your brief CV and complete address for future reference


Many humane stalwarts may be silently playing their role to serve the cause of peace and harmony among communities without any discrimination. The World Minorities Peace Conference in Pakistan may provide them a platform to orchestrate their individual efforts to usher in a revolutionary era of universal amity and affection. They may participate in any manner of their choice.


They may be welcome as OBSERVERS / ADVISORS / SUPPORTERS. On the sidelines of the World Minorities Peace Conference in Pakistan there will be a Carnival on Human Rights and Peace. This may be available to interested NGOS and individuals to disseminate their message and literature or culture abroad.


Thanking You.

For Details Please visit our struggle for Peace Page

(Contact J.Salik in USA)
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