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Mr. Zulfiqar A Kazmi
President Pakistan Chapter Universal Peace Federation Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, USA

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 To consider and discuss the situation due to Blasphemous Cartoon published in Danish newspapers


Convener, World Minorities Alliance, nominee for Nobel Peace Prize, Julius Salik under the auspices of World Minorities Alliance is planning to convene a One Day International Conference of world minorities in Islamabad




1.  To provide a platform for a grand assembly of minorities from the Muslim majority countries and the Christian majority countries (i.e. America, Europe and Australia) . From India, Japan and Buddhist countries both Muslims and Christians can participate.


2.  To help enhance unity among majority and minority in the world.


3.  To promote "Love and Peace" by resolving problems faced by minorities in their respective countries .


4.  To raise joint voice against discrimination.


5. To select a seven member delegation to present a Memorandum to the Secretary General, United Nations Organization based on the recommendations to be made during the conference. This delegation will request the Secretary General for providing World Minorities Alliance an observer status in United Nation.

(Contact J.Salik in USA)

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