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Mr. Zulfiqar A Kazmi
President Pakistan Chapter Universal Peace Federation Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, USA

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The Convener, World Minorities Alliance, nominee for Nobel Peace Prize, and former federal minister Julius Salik under the auspices of World Minorities Alliance, is planning to convene a One Day International Conference of world minorities in Islamabad. Its objective will be to discuss the problems being faced by minorities in all the corners of the world and find out ways and means so that the situation being faced by the Denmark minority is not repeated. About 200 delegates from all corners of the world are expected to attend this first of its nature International Minorities Conference with religious leaders, human rights activists and the leaders struggling for the world peace. The Conference may provide a unique platform for a grand assembly of minorities from the Muslim countries (like Christian representatives are in Muslim countries) as well as the Muslims from Christian countries. It will help enhance unity among majority and minority communities after the situation of the publication of "Blasphemous Cartoons" in Denmark and other European newspapers. This conference will nominate a seven member delegation to present a memorandum to Secretary General UNO .This proposed memorandum will base on the recommendations to be a arrived during the conference. The cause of this conference is to promote peace and harmony and will leave a great impact on all foreign participants. We invite you to attend this conference as special guest and hope you will ensure your participation. Kindly confirm by email and also intimate if you intend to contribute as a speaker?

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