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Press Show Invitation of 43 Years Making News Highlights

Life Achievements from 1979 - 2019

It was the year of 1979 and the country was under the disposition of worst ever martial law, where all human rights were suspended, i.e., the prime minister was also under arrest and the whole country was facing a curious atmosphere in addition to severe confrontation. I established my first welfare organization before becoming counselor, the name of which was "Christian Janbaz Volunteer" as during these days those fearless soldiers were very popular as Leaguers and Conventioneers were popular once. But the theme behind the establishment of my organization was that millions of us sacrificed our lives for Pakistan, thousands of mothers lost their modesty, our children were hanged on the tip of spear and our brothers lost their lives. Thus, resultantly, our country badly needed of such kind of voluntarily-spirited people. Although the regions of Muslim majority had the honor to have such fearless and brave people, there was no concept of fearless and brave people among Christians of the region. Thus, first of all, I tried to offer my services in this regard and became the president of this organization unilaterally while for the post of general secretary, Mr. Jacob Simon was available. In other words, by working as only to office bearers, we began to work. Under these circumstances, the nature of political struggle was about the people who arrested Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, and this was not fair. We were of the view that government officials had not any right to usurp the democracy. During those days, as a young person, I possessed a very passion to struggle against every kind of evils and un-justices prevailing in the society. We had a baker on Kacha Ravi Road who did not bake our breads due to having bias with Christians. There was also a soap factory in the locality where we used to live, and there was only one Christian family (i.e. our family) in the locality which was well-educated. The small hotels used to purchase soap from this factory but simultaneously we had to face grave bias and unbearable treatment. In those days, it was the custom to get the breads baked by sending kneaded flour to bakers' shops. The basic reason for the phenomenon was the lack of Sui gas in homes in addition to disinterest in burning the firewood. Usually the bakers' used to take a few dough as the price of baking breads but they dared not to touch the kneaded flour sent from a well-educated family and owner of soap factory. In other words the kneaded flour sent from the house of a well-educated family used to be returned un-baked. One day by chance I asked my younger sister to go quickly to baker's shop to get the kneaded flour baked which was in shape of dough. But my younger sister refused to do so and explained to me about the bias of the owner who used to return our kneaded flour. But I insisted her to go. Anyhow, my younger sister came crying and told me about the refusal of the baker to bake our kneaded flour. I became furious to hear this and decided to kill the baker instantly. Resultantly, I came out of my home in a great anger and stood before him to show my anger. In the meantime, I was expecting some act of provocation from him causing any kind of quarrel between us. But the baker, which was an old man, did not show any act of provocation as it seemed that he surely perceived my anger and fury. I remained standing there in the same position for two hours and repeated the same for two days but he did not notice me or pretended not to notice me and kept his attention towards his business. Finally, I felt ashamed and began to think that there was no use to kill him or quarrel with him and was it possible to end this vicious circle of bias by killing him? On the same day the God lead me to the right way because there were so many bakers in the locality of the same nature. They used to keep separate pots and utensils for Christians and the some hotels were so biased about Christians that they used to write on their notice boards as "Please inform if you are Christian!" Therefore, on the same day and at the same moment, I decided to establish a very welfare organization by assembling my neighboring youngsters, which would work for the promotion of peace and brotherhood and would remove the prejudice of cast, race, color and religion by bringing all the communities closer. For the same purpose, one of my friend Rao Rasheed Hussain was at fore-front while my closed associates M/s Mushtaz Naz, Ghulam Murtaza Samma and Talib Hussain were with me. The establishment of this group inspired the baker great and he automatically resolved not to be biased. In addition, there was a tea hotel which used to keep the pots and utensils for the Christians separate, but this novel organization also inspired him greatly. In addition, Mr. Talib Hussain, who was a barber by profession, discontinued his earlier attitude to keep separate towels for Christians through becoming a part of this organization of youngsters. And then I became a part of Peoples Party as I felt great intellectual harmony with them. During the same period, Peoples Party possessed a great role in politics.

The workers of Peoples Party seemed much mobilized for the release of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, and therefore, often their homes were raided, they were forced to make them present themselves at police stations. Due to intellectual harmony with Pakistan People's Party, the aim of our organization was the one and only that Mr. Bhutto be released, and for this purpose, a lot of movements were seen emerging all over the city, i.e. the workers of Peoples Party offered their arrest voluntarily, they were kidnapped from their homes, and they were also tortured and some day when they put a bus on fire, on the same day, the quantum of the arrests of young workers would reach at high altitude. Often, the workers did not sleep at their houses. In the result of intellectual harmony with the Peoples Party, my name had been included in the list of fearless and brave workers who had become a part of the movement for the release of Bhutto. But thanks to the God, I was not tortured at any police station although during those days the workers had to face great oppression to a great extent that a young man of our organization, Ghulam Murtaza, was forced to face severe act of violence. I have no words to mention the quantity of the workers who were lashed for the sake of democracy, who were locked in the prisons, but we kept the pace of our movement intact and alive during the period of ever worst martial law. The story of oppression of Zia-ul-Hq government was long enough and this vicious circle was going on without having any end. I myself was arrested three times before becoming counselor. Seemingly, it was the 90 day martial law, but it was merely a deceit and fraud. General Zia-ul-Haq was using different tactics to postpone the elections by extending the date in addition to carving so many other reasons. Finally, the trial of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was carried on in the way that he was hanged, which greatly shocked the hearts and brains of the masses. The workers and leaders of the Peoples Party were not ready to accept this tragedy. Under these circumstances, some grieved workers of the Peoples Party were told a fictitious story to mitigate their grief about an aero plane which took him to an unknown place. The city was very much pregnant with such rumors and to a great extent that the hanging of Bhutto was also considered merely a rumor. The minds of the masses had been diverted to many aspects. During these days, great political activities were seen in High Court. There was a café in the enclosure of High Court where there was an old Burh tree which is surely present even today. There were many small offices of the lawyers under this tree belonging to different ideologies. This place was also visited by people of different ideologies including lovers as well opponents of Bhutto. Sometimes the discussion got heated to a great extent and resulted in quarreling. In the same enclosure there were offices of workers/lawyers of Peoples Party in addition to office of Bar Association and Bar Hall. Resultantly, this enclosure was also the passage of famous and prominent lawyers, which possessed great influence. It was routine of the whole day. The volume of the same activities would increase whenever a case of bail of house arrest would be fixed for hearing. I often had the opportunity to transverse the High Court. In the meantime, I noticed about a rod always proceeding before the respectable judges whenever they crossed the veranda. Mr. Justice Anwal-ul-Haq was the sitting Chief Justice at the time. I hit upon a plan to meet him thinking about this rod and decided to challenge the Judicial System of Supreme Court. As I mentioned earlier, there was always a rod proceeded before the judges respectfully. I was inclined to think about whether the rod possessed respect or the judges, and which thing made this rod respectable. Therefore, I resolved to conduct research about this rod because I wanted to know the reason and mystery why this rod was always kept outside the court room. I conducted a lot of research in the library because this was going to be my first protest of my life which I had planned. In fact, I wanted the masses to know about the prevailing justice and its base. Finally, after research, I found that the name of this rod was "Rod of Justice". As I conducted research deeply in this respect, I was known that this rod possessed a crown and brochure of Queen of Great Britain, which meant: 'Respect the crown and British Government otherwise the same rod would do the justice." Therefore, after conducting all the research in this respect, I decided to call a press conference but my friends (lawyers) tried me to prevent so as this was obvious contempt of court liable to punishment of one year imprisonment. But as the press conference was published in the newspapers, my friends praised me a lot telling me that the court took notice of my press conference very quickly. Without any delay, I handed over a six feet long pen with an inkpot fixed under it in addition to a brass nib to an artisan who was specialist in wood work. These kinds of artisans used to work at the shops of wooden carvings situated under the Mochi Darwaza. After having six feet long pen and inkpot, I got fixed a beautiful brass scale often used by goldsmiths. A then under the Kalam Tayabba, I got carved the words: "Do Justice, Justice Teaches Piety". Moreover, I suggested the name of same rod as "Sign of the Justice" because I declared the prevalent rod of judges wrong and in my opinion, there was no purpose of this rod in this independent and sovereign got gifted state. In my view, there was a particular purpose of the rod, created by me, the logo fixed on it, i.e. pen and inkpot had not only purpose but it possessed a certain message. Thus, I addressed to a press conference with my own "Sign of Justice" and told the media that I was going to present it to Chief Justice Anwar-ul-Haq in Rawalpindi. There were two motives behind this Rod of Justice. Firstly, I wanted to divert the attention of the court from the Contempt of Court Notice, and secondly, I wanted to criticize the way of justice of the judges, since during the period of martial law, it was propagated openly that the courts were unable to give the decisions against the army. As I mentioned earlier, this was the time when all the human rights had been usurped, even the newspapers were facing censorship and the defiant journalists (including editor of Musawat, Khawar Naeem Hashmi and many others) were punished with lashes, in addition to be imprisoned. I was also present in a rally of journalists and shouting slogans for the independence of media, in which Mr. Khawar Naeem Hashmi participated and he was lashed thereof. However, my purpose was to criticize the whole system of justice including Rod of Justice. During this period, although this Rod of Justice possessed the crown, the sign of slavery, but the brochure having picture of British Queen had been removed. I could not get any literature to assess and analyze all these matters from the record of library, but I succeeded to it get from veteran lawyers.

Book Inauguration Ceremony (10th December, 2019)
Washington D.C, USA

New Event in December, 2019

My dear companions I done much struggle in history in my life have much impenitent occasions. Once of that occasion, I exhibited noble peace prize winners. Actually for exhibition of noble peace prize collection of pictures was much difficult. This calendar was printed due to much struggle. I arranged exhibition two times. First time in Lahore and second time re-polished it reproduces it. These pictures were collected from Noble peace prize committee and later exhibited during Ministry. on this occasion Norway's ambassador and united nation representative in Pakistan participate the event and inaugurate noble peace prize pictorial exhibition held in a five star hotel of Islamabad.
Which we programmed that later same pictures published by BBC. You could seen at our home page
Then after that I exhibited pictures of Queen who's gained much success and Now my wish to celebrate Humanity Right Day and pay tribute to the following Great personalities on 10th December 2019 include these personalities Sir Abraham Lincoln(Late), King Martin Luther(Late), His Exigency Secretary General and President of UNO, His Exigency Bishop of Canterbury and His Exigency Imam of Great Mosque Khana Kaaba and specially His Exigency Papa-e-World Pope Francis, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Late). To pay tribute to Pope Johns Paul we conducted rally in Islamabad which details are also available on my website after his death 10 Feb high chair which was long chair in the history on this momentum statue made on chair. In which thousands people offered tribute. On 10th December we will arrange a Hall for this event and we will receive good response from Washington and I considered that peace is for whole world.
After Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad this mega Exhibition conduct in Washington and New York. That our sponsor soon contact with us. Because Christian and Muslims are follower of peace. follower of Peace and reconcile, follower of love and Harmony. Hinduism is also religion of love and peace. I consider that in which love all nations with us. I with thankful that who contact me . You go on and contact with me. With that I offer peace and act. I am possessive for interfaith investment you pay more slightly investment and I will recover that much investment, fifty percent investment lack in which in America Church are selling in Washington. I want purchase Pakistan peace prayer Hall' and after that to make Interfaith Peace University in Sialkot city (Pakistan). Pictures which are sponsors pictures would options hope that they cooperate with us in purchasing the Church and heavy amount. Seven portrait. Where thousand billion i.e. people which is seventy portrait. With their option here in Washington peace prayer Hall. I consider that our success in which you pray for 10th December.
I have many demands and many records. I want show much but Rack of time because of you lack time for enough long talk.
But then will come along pray me and promised that I will determined and I determined 43 years.
No property, no plot, I promise with you, God is present
You offering means book which purchase you. Peace Journey book is on Amazon. You can order direct to me. Peace Journe
y, daring dust of Pakistan mention at Amazon I mention at Google. This courageous soil appealing to you. You support me along with who support me God will blessed his

Our Man From Pakistan Julius Salik, former Pakistani cabinet member and troublemaker extraordinaire, is on the short list to win the Nobel Peace Prize. So what's he doing in Philly? August 21-28, 1997 cover story Julia Lehman/City Paper Philadelphia USA.


Published 1997 he is back again now in 2018 and Page Publishing New York Publising his book"Peace Journey". Book is about his life and struggles for peace around the world. Coming very soon in all socials media platforms and in markets.

Historical marriage of Mr. David Salik (Son of J Salik)

When no relative or friends were invited during his ministerial tenure, Marriage was attended by the three Mr & Mrs. J Salik and their only son David Salik, National anthem was played after performing all religious formalities.


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